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Meaningful gifts that give.

We're focusing ALL our efforts on our new project
Learn more about us below and then head on over to!


Hello & Welcome!

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We're so happy you're here!
We love GIVING! 
That's why we created the Giving Gift Co!

Since it's just us (Mom and Drew) we've 
learned that we need to focus our efforts in ONE place, on ONE project at a time.
That's why we're working solely on ELF365!


Our Come Together with Kindness website
is still there so you can see how we got
our start.  We're still in the kindness 
business, we just had to take some time to
relocate and get settled.  We're excited to get back to writing Kits and having fun with ELF365!

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As always, we're still using the funds we
are able to generate to help offset
expenses to provide f
ree Kits for kids! 
We've provided over 10,000 free
Kits for kids since 2017...and counting!
We couldn't have done it without you!



About Us

In 2017 we started a kindness and anti-bullying initiative 

called, Come Together with Kindness.  Sharing our originally written and designed Kindness Kits is one of the primary functions of CTWK.  

We wanted to go a step further.  In order to help generate

funds to fuel CTWK and share an uplifting, comical,

inspiring and meaningful selection of gifts that give back, we created the Giving Gift Co.

Come Together with Kindness has given over 10,000 free Kindness Kits to kids in 14 countries and 40 states and counting!


Now that we're settled from our move we're ready to help kids think like an ELF and be their best sELF!

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One of our favorites!

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