Mission 007 An Eggcellent Way to Spread Kindness or Open Your Heart

Mission 007 has two variations.  The kit contains half a dozen plastic eggs or hearts filled with

Mini Missions.  Hide the eggs, give the hearts or remove the Mini Missions and share them any way you like.  No matter how you do it you'll make someone's day!







Mission 008 Bee Kind, Bee You, Bee Happy!

Every Mission 008 kit comes with a bee cut out and a pen.  Tell us what you want to BEE and tag us!  There is no better time than spring, a time for renewal and growth, to celebrate and grow into who and what we want to be!  Whether you want to be kind, be more patient, be better, be friendly, be a doctor or all of the above and more, you have the power to be anything you want to be!  Mission 008 also has some variations.  One variation contains seeds to keep and seeds to give.  Not only do the seeds help grow kindness, they also help grow flowers, which our pollinator friends need and will enjoy.  Bee Kind, Bee You, Bee Happy and help save the bees, please!  Other variations include cute, custom designed bee buttons or do a combination of the two!





Mission 009  Ashton's Smile

Find this Mission under Custom Missions!


Mission 010 World Changer

This Mission is a reminder that we have the power to change the world, one corner at a time, one person at a time, one act of kindness at a time!  Each and every one of us is a #worldchanger

These Missions are also great in honor of Earth Day because we should all do what we can to be kind and care for our planet, too!  World Changer Missions come with fun variations so you can choose which fits your particular goal or message.  Select from earth seed shapes, squeeze balls, buttons or inflatable globes!  World Changer tees coming soon!  

Participate in our Bee the Change Challenge outreach!  

Do four kindness Missions with your group in these categories: 

Bee Kind, Bee Happy, Bee You,

Bee the Change. 

These kits are un-bee-lievably fun in the spring!  

Mission 007 EGGCELLENT!
Mission 007 Open Your Heart
Bees, Flowers & Kindness, oh my!
Two die cut seed earth shapes

Drew carrying out Mission 007

An Eggcellent Way to Spread Kindness

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