Fall Favorites!

Though it's definitely a toss up, I have to say, fall is my favorite time of year.  Maybe it's the cool weather.  Maybe it's the fall flavors.  Or maybe it's just change.  The change of the season, the change of scents, scenery and activities.  Fall brings so much fun before the holiday rush.  Our holiday rush starts very early.  We have to be ready to roll out Operation Good Deed Doer, Santa's Secret Service before Thanksgiving.  BUT we have lots and lots of fall fun in the form of outreach!  We hope you'll join us for one or ALL of our outreach activities!  

CHALK ART CLUB  the Club actually goes year-round BUT

we always encourage a Back to School Chalk Party!  

Chalk it out!  

It's easy to start a club in your area!  Find out how!


Kindness is in the Bag  is another fun one for back to school!  

Fill pencil bags with school supplies and kindness centered

goodies and activities for back to school! Bags contain 

Mission 021 Pledge on Words  Another option for

Kindness is the Bag is our #knowtheirbackstory Campaign.



Fall 2019 was a super exciting time for us!  Drew's very first

book, Curly Q Drew and the Message Mistake, debuted!    

We continue to do super fun book signing and outreach

parties!  Our book parties partner well with our outreach

activities, Mark My Words (Bookmarks) and

Operation Good Deed Doer!  Schedule with us today!

We can't forget Halloween!  Something fun and easy to

do that puts a fun spin on Trick or Treat is   

Do Reverse Trick or Treat!  We always have a blast delivering

treat sacks to kids who can't Trick or Treat on Halloween!

A souper fun activity is the Souper Crazy Sock Challenge!!

Recruit your group, business or organization to knock our

socks off in the Souper Crazy Sock Challenge! Show us

your craziest socks before donating cans of soup and

pairs of socks (crazy or not!) to your local shelter during

the month of November!  The group with the craziest

socks and the biggest donation collection WINS!  Our 

friends at We Help Two can help you have knock-your-socks-off fundraiser!

There's something for everyone on our outreach page!


Trick or Treat
Fall Tokens
Fall Tokens
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Come Together with Art & Kindness
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