Holidays are a great time to spread kindness, but

the majority of our kits can be carried out anytime.  

Mission 012 Brighten Someone's Day is a very special kit made for very special friends.  (See more on our Custom Kits page.)  This Mission encourages kids to brighten someone's day with a special packet of sunflowers seeds.  Not only will you plant a seed of kindness that can brighten someone's day,  causing never ending smiles for years to come, you'll also grow love and kindness.






Mission 013 Share a Smile is a super fun kit that encourages kids to smile at every person they meet to prove just how contagious smiling can be!  We all have a never ending supply of smiles to give.  Imagine the difference this could make if we ALL incorporated this kit into each and every day.  

Mission 021 Pledge on Words Take the Pledge on Words!

You have the power

to make a difference each day

simply by choosing kindness

with the words you say.

This fun kit encourages kids to think about the power of their words.  On that same token, it also encourages kids not to let the negative and hurtful words of others define who they are!  See our Kindness Kidz and Courage to Be Kind Medallion recipients Kenikki and Mitchell take the Pledge!

Mission 023 Beautiful Bends and Folds  

Because we were are so inspired by the incredible, life-changing work of our friends at Paper for Water we created Mission 023 Beautiful Bends and Folds in their honor.  Sisters Isabelle and Katherine use the art of origami to raise funds to provide clean water to those in need.  Read more about their incredible work, see inspiring stories and join their mission to bring clean water to those in need!  












Mission 025 Happy Birthday to Me!  

Because we were so inspired by Liz's choice to do kindness for her birthday with #25Cities25Acts we created a kindness kit in her honor!  Liz is the founder of The Smile Project and an inspiration to us all!  Mission 025 is a fun and easy way to invite others to spread kindness in honor of your birthday!  It also makes a great birthday gift for someone who loves to give.  

Check out the pictures and video below to see what we did to spread kindness to wish Liz a Happy 25th Birthday!  

world changer giving gifts.jpg
Mission 021 Pledge on Words
Handmade Pledge Cards

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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