You would be surprised the difference it can make when you #KnowTheirBackStory

Curly Q Drew

Curly Q Drew

The boy behind the book shares a video presentation & outreach.

Open Book

Mark My Words

Our words matter!  Share kind words with a bookmark!

Art by Laney _ Fall Chalk Walk

Chalk About It


Leave positive words of encouragement & uplifting chalk art on  sidewalks! 

Kindness is in the Bag

Kindness is

in the Bag

Pencil bags full of kindness centered goodies for students!

Operation Kidz Helping Kids

Operation Kidz

Helping Kids

Kindness Kidz take action for suicide prevention and 


Colorful Book Spines

Kidz Helping Kids Library

Written for kids by Kidz!

Check out our online library!

A Good Sign Project Longview, Texas

A Good Sign Project

It’s a good sign when you see a Good Sign!

Request a FREE 

Good Sign!

You're Weird.  Thank You Tee

Kidz Care Clothing Project

Creative, caring Kidz working to provide kindness-centered clothing to kids in need.

May Day Flowers & Baskets

May Day Flowers & Baskets

Delivery of May Day flowers and baskets on May 1st! 


Nominate a recipient or volunteer to deliver!

Find out more!

Image by Brina Blum

Care Mailboxes

Care Mailboxes are non-postal mailboxes used by the community to leave Care Mail for strangers.  Take a note, leave a note & come together with Care Mail!

Santa's Love

Operation Santa Says

Help Santa answer his letters and work in conjunction with Santa's Secret Service to grant special wishes.

Veteran Book Project

Kindness Kidz have the honor of interviewing Veterans so kids across the nation can understand the sacrifice of these special people.


Operation EnCOURAGEment

Offer encouragement to people of all ages all over the world by sharing art and video messages!

Have Courage.

Be Kind,

Santa Jr with Selfless Elf

Santa's Secret Service 

Santas and Santa's Understudies work with Operation Santa Says to grant special holiday wishes.

Kindness Kidz!

Operation Good Deed Doer

Kindness Kidz use our collection of original kindness kits to learn about kindness and perform acts of kindness for others!

Join in!

Image by Samuel McGarrigle

Doorknob Delivery

During Covid-19 we will pick up donations or essentials from your porch and deliver to the porch of those in need in the

Longview, TX area!