Meet Logan

"Hi, everyone! My name is Logan Justin So and I am a 16-year-old actor and performer from the city of Hong Kong. Growing up I’ve always taken an interest and passion in the performing arts. As a kid, I did singing and public speaking and as I grew up, I was involved in a lot more acting and theatre work. I also like to skateboard, listen to music, watch Netflix, take pictures and go on adventures! I hope you can join Come Together with Kindness and I on our exciting journey.”

As you can see, Logan is clearly vibrant and outgoing. About six months after Come Together with Kindness started, Logan discovered us on Instagram and began actively participating. He’s very positive, kind and considerate. He’s also been bullied.

“I remember I had a YouTube channel back in Year 7 and the kids would always make fun of me. They’d laugh because I posted singing covers and mock me whenever I had a school performance. They’d always say mean things to me at school and attack me on my YouTube channel. Much more recently (probably in the most recent year or so) people would out me to other people. So, what this means is that people know that I am part of the LGBT community, and they chose to tell other people (without my permission!). There was this one boy who kept shouting offensive slurs at me at the skatepark, and he’d tell every other boy there. A lot of them would give me weird looks, message me and