BeLeaf in Yourself Kindness Kit

BeLeaf in Yourself Kindness Kit

Our newly designed BeLEAF in Yourself Kindness Kit makes the perfect gift for fall!

The card contains original artwork and an original, inspirational poem encouraging you to believe in yourself!


For about the same price as a greeting card, send this meaningful Kindness Kit card to someone special. Each Kit comes in a cellophane bag with an item to keep and an item to give and directions.

This Kit contains two felt, leaf stickers - assorted designs and colors.


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Read the entire poem below.


Beleaf in yourself

is exactly as it sounds.

Stop for a moment

and take a look around.


Fall is upon us.

Our beautiful trees

are losing their leaves

in the autumn breeze.


It’s time for them to rest.

It’s time for them to breathe.

It’s time for them to renew

as they take a reprieve.


The trees did not quit.

They haven’t given up.

They simply need some time

to refill their cup.


They will be back next spring

with their buds and blooms.

Ready to stand strong and proud,

their time will come soon.


If you beleaf in yourself

then you’ll always know,

that even the strongest

and most beautiful need time to grow.


If you beleaf in yourself,

you’ve learned from the trees,

that there is nothing you can’t do,

no dreams you can’t seize. 


So beleaf in yourself

as you reach for the stars.

Take your time to grow and rest

as you show the world who you are.


Trees make our world more vibrant,

more colorful with their many hues.

Just like the world is more vibrant

and more colorful because of you.    


Keep this leaf nearby

so you can always see it.

There is nothing you can’t do,

you simply must beleaf it!


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