Christmas Socks Kindness Kit Gift

Christmas Socks Kindness Kit Gift

Receive a pair of stocks and a heart patch along with a gift bag and directions on sharing the socks for kindness!
Get a three-pack of socks, keep a pair and give a pair or two!  Great deal!  
Either way the heart patch is for you!


Read the poem below.

Individual pair of socks gifts will come with a randomly selected pair of funky socks. (Sock designs will vary!) 
Three-packs of socks come with three exact three (3) designs shown.
Socks fit sizes YOUTH 5-7, WOMEN'S 8-12, MEN'S 6-10

Don't want Christmas socks?  Contact us for other sock options!


Stocking Stuffer

The holiday season
is the perfect time
to get in the habit
of giving and being kind.


The holidays make it easy,
with options galore,
but it’s easy to get hung up
on stuff from a store.


Stuff from a store
can be great, that’s true.
But it’s really more about
what you say and do!

A simple pair of socks,
may not seem like a lot,
but socks mean a lot 
when very little you’ve got.


Take these socks and with one sock
fill the other sock’s toes.
Then decide 
where the socks should go.


Now write a kind note, 
stuff it in the sock with love,
and prepare to brighten
the very heart of
the person who receives it.
You’re sure to find,
that stuffing this sock 
and being so kind,
will not only brighten 
the heart of the recipient.

It will brighten your heart
just as much, we guarantee it.


Now think for a moment 
as you let your focus shift.  
May you realize now 
what truly is the real gift.


Was it the socks?
Or was it YOU?
It matters much more
what you say and do.


From now on, 
whether or not you have a stocking to stuff,
may this help you see 
that being kind is always enough.


Enclosed:  A pair of stocks and a heart patch

Directions:  Cut out the poem, write a kind line or two.
Put it in the stuffed socks and share!  The heart patch is for YOU,
as a reminder you don’t even need stuff.  Simply being kind is always enough!

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Written in honor of We Help Two & the double good work they do!  

Art by Drew, 12 Written by The Mission Mom for Come Together with Kindness