ENHANCED Magical Kindness Kit

ENHANCED Magical Kindness Kit

Kindness is magical! 

Check out AbracaDrew in the video above using our magical kindness wand!

Visit Come Together with Kindness YouTube Channel to learn three card tricks and other fun videos!

Get everything you see above!  This kit contains our Basic Kit:  Magic Message (Marker, crayon, card and button) PLUS a mini deck of cards (design randomly selected) and a magic wand! 

Read the entire poem below.


OR purchase our BLOOMER BUNNY JUNIOR KIT (separate listing) and get everything in the ENHANCED KIT PLUS a Bloomer Bunny Junior finger puppet!  


Our ULTIMATE KIT (separate listing) will have all of the above PLUS a full size Bloomer Bunny in the hat puppet!  Best deal!


Kindness is Magical!


Kindness is magical!

Wouldn’t you agree?!

Magic makes people smile!

That’s what we love to see!


Enclosed is a magic message.

It’s magic in more ways than one!

Not only will it

magically make others smile,

it’s also lots of fun!


Write a Magic Message

for someone dear,

and only for them

will the message appear!


OR, write a Magic Message

for someone you don’t know.

It’s guaranteed to make them smile

and that is our goal!


Make someone’s day a bit more magical!

  • With the white crayon, write a special message on the back (white) side of the enclosed, blank card.

Hint:  You can practice on another sheet of paper first!

  • Cut the instructions from the bottom of this page. 
  • Place your card, the marker and instructions in an envelope or bag.
  • Make someone’s day by giving your Magic Messageaway!


Taa Daa!

There is also a button for YOU,

as a reminder to be kind in all you do!



Kindness is Magical!

You have received a Magic Message!


Color the back of the card using the marker

to reveal the magic of kindness!


           MADE YOU SMILE!





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