FREE HedgeHug Kindness Kit

FREE HedgeHug Kindness Kit

Last of our 5 x 7 envelope style Kits!


Our HEDGEHUGS & KISSES Kindness Kit is a great way to teach kids that we should never judge a book by it's cover...or a hedghog by his quills!  While we may look intimidating and prickly on the outside, it's really just a defense mechanism to keep us safe.  Read the entire poem below.  

Every kit includes two (2) 1" inch buttons featuring the original artwork of Drew, age 12, showing our little Hedgehug offering hugs and kisses.


Hedge Hog plush sold separetely.

If you love hedgehogs then you will really love this little 8" hedgeHUG plush!  Isn't he adorable!? His messy quills, rosy cheeks and plump figure make him THE most huggable hedgehog, or should we say, Hedgehug, EVER!  


Hedgehugs & Kisses


Chances are you’ve heard the saying, 
“Looks can be deceiving.”
This holds true in many ways 
and may keep someone from receiving…


the love, praise, kindness or care
that they truly need.
A person might be shy or look intimidating
but they are still a human being.


The hedgehog’s quills, for example,
may look scary, and they are prickly indeed.
But there’s a lot more to it.
Adjust your perception to see.    


The hedgehog’s quills are the only thing 
that keep the little guy safe.
Without his quills he would have no courage
to do anything or go any place.


His quills are his safeguard.
He needs them to survive.
People use clothes, make up, attitudes
and things like this all the time.


Sometimes facial expressions,
attitudes, clothes, make up or hair
give people the strength they need
to brave the world out there.


So, look a little closer.
Ask a question or two or three.
Just like you, there’s more to me
than only what you see.


Even though he could, a sweet little hedgie 
won’t hurt you at all.
As along as you don’t hurt or scare him
and make him roll into a ball.


So be sure to remember 
not to judge by appearances.
Instead, adjust the way you see and think,
and give, “Hedgehugs and kisses!”


Cut out the poem above. Give the poem and the extra button away
to share a positive message and make someone’s day.


KINDNESS KIT Designs come with fun, colorful designs and include a small, meaningful gift to keep and one to give. Kindness Kits include original written works sure to brighten someone’s day and cost about the same or less than a store-bought greeting card.


SECRET SERVICE MISSION Designs include directives and a small gift to carry out a small service of kindness. Missions come in hand-stamped, manila envelopes marked, “Top Secret.”
All Missions contain a small gift the child can keep to commemorate their act of kindness.


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