Hand in Hand Necklace

Hand in Hand Necklace

**Give Back Alert!***  10% of the proceeds of each piece goes to the Mental Health Awareness Association of Greater Baton Rouge!


One hand represents the one needing healing, the other hand, the one who can help.

On this journey, we‘re all one or the other along the way.

Wear these interlocking hands as a reminder that, somewhere out there, there’s always a matching hand to yours.

May this hand in hand necklace serve as an ice breaker to good, honest conversation about mental health healing, care-taking & being taken care of.


Designed and handcrafted by Mimosa Handcrafted in Baton Rouge. 

Madeline also designs the Courage to Be Kind Medallions for our partner charity, Come Together with Kindness!


Each piece varies slightly due to its handmade nature.
Hand made in our south Louisiana studio.



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