Let it Snow Kindness Kit

Let it Snow Kindness Kit

For about the same price as a greeting card, send this meaningful Kindness Kit card to someone special. Each Kit comes in a cellophane bag with an item to keep, an item to give and directions.  
Kits are also available in Secret Service Mission design.


LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW KINDNESS shares the message that we are all unique.  We should embrace what sets us apart.  This Kit/Mission also speaks to the fact that we can make an even bigger impact on this world if we work together!  

Comes with two, assorted snowflake charms, one to keep and one to give.


A portion of the proceeds benefits www.cometogetherwithkindness.com

Read the entire poem below.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…KINDNESS!

We are all just like snowflakes.
We are all the same, 
yet so beautifully unique.  


snowflakes are intricate and vulnerable,
but, as you well know, 
put several snowflakes together and suddenly, 
they become powerful snow.


Like a snowflake,
you are beautiful
and vulnerable, 
as are we all.

And, yes, like a snowflake, 
you are even beautiful when you fall.  


And, like snowflakes as they gather
and become powerful snow,
together we can spread kindness 
and make a difference wherever we go.


When you see this little snowflake, 
may it be a reminder
that YOU are one of a kind,
and together we have the power
to make a difference, 
one small act of kindness at a time.


Enclosed you will find…
Two snowflake charms

Brighten someone’s day…
One snowflake is for you because you are one of a kind!  
Give the poem above with the other snowflake and enjoy being kind!  

Let it snow kindness!


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