Mark My Words Bookmark Kindness Kit

Mark My Words Bookmark Kindness Kit

Our full size Kindness Kits come in fun, colorful envelopes designed by Kindness Kidz OR in Secret Service Mission designs (upon request).  Kits include original written works sure to brighten someone’s day and cost about the same or less than a store-bought greeting card.


All kits come in 9X6 envelopes.
Coming soon- full size Kindness Kits will be available in cellophane wrappers!


Mark My Words works great as an activity for your local library or as a party favor and is a great way to encourage both kids and adults to think about the power in their words.
What if you could make your kind words last even longer?  You can!  Make a kind bookmark!  


Read the entire poem below.

Every Kit includes: Two one blank bookmarks and two tassels.


Mark My Words

If you had the power
to make someone’s day
simply by choosing
kind words to say,

wouldn’t you do it?
Wouldn’t that feel good?
You know for fact
it certainly would! 

What if your kind words
could warm someone’s heart
again, and again…they can!
Make a bookmark!

Make a bookmark 
with kind words to share!
Leaving a kind bookmark for someone to find
is an easy way to show you care!

Where is your kind bookmark 
going to go?
Not sure?  
Don’t know?

How about the library, 
at your school or in your town?
Or at a bookstore, 
where book lovers abound?

Follow your heart, 
it will tell you where,
and the person who needs 
the bookmark will find it there.

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Written by The Mission Mom.  Art by Drew, 11.

Enclosed you will find…

Two blank bookmarks and tassels

Brighten someone’s day…
Decorate both bookmarks.  Cut out the poem above.
Leave a bookmark and the poem for someone to find.  

The other bookmark is yours as thanks for being kind!