The Traveling Kindness Rose

The Traveling Kindness Rose

The Traveling Kindness Rose is a faux rose complete with a laminated card tied with a fabric ribbon.  The card explains that the rose is to be passed along to share kindness again and again.

Sign the back of the card and pass the rose along!


Traveling Kindness Rose

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Typically, flowers don’t last long at all.

After a few days

their petals begin to fall.


But this flower is different.

It will never fade.

It is meant to provide smile after smile

day after day.


The recipient cannot keep it.

It must be passed on,

sharing a smile, and bringing joy

as it moves along.


How wonderful the rose has come to you!

Now who should you give it to?


The possibilities are endless,

but with a little thought

you can choose just the right person.

Make a mistake, you cannot.


Give it to a stranger.

Give it to a friend.

The many possibilities

never seem to end.


Whether you hand it to someone,

mail it or lay it down,

please make sure

it travels around.


This rose is a symbol of love

given in kindness,

in hopes that love and kindness will grow.

If you would be so kind,

please tag us to let us know

just how far this traveling rose will go!


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This rose started its journey in Texas!