Pledge on Words Kindness Kit

Pledge on Words Kindness Kit

Kindness Kits and Secret Service Missions are cool random acts of kindness kits.  Ready for your first assignment for Operation Good Deed Doer?  That's great news!  Why?
Because together we can change the world one corner at a time, one person at a time, one act of kindness at a time!


All Secret Service Missions come with everything needed to carry out kindness.  It takes courage to be kind.  As a reward, all Secret Services Missions come with an item for you to keep.  


Pledge on Word Kindness Kits come with a laminated pledge card to sign and pass on and two (2) word charms (randomly selected).  One charm to keep and one to give.


Read the poem below.

See some of our Kindness Kidz take the Pledge HERE!


Variations will occur as all items are hand stamped, folded, cut, stuffed, etc.


Pledge on Words


We often don’t realize

the power of a word.

But think for a moment

about words you’ve heard.    


Words like, beautiful,

awesome, incredible

and smart!

Words that feel good

and warm your heart.


Those words stick with you.

They make you feel good.

You take those words to heart

as the speaker hoped you would.


But what about words

not spoken to praise?

Words that are mean

and hurtful in so many ways?


Those words stick with you.

They make you feel bad.

They make your heart hurt

and make you feel sad.


Words are powerful.

Words are strong.

Words can be used for

good or for wrong.


You have the power

to make a difference each day

simply by choosing kindness

with the words you say.



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