Pearly Might Kindness Kit

Pearly Might Kindness Kit

PEARLY MIGHT Kindness Kits come with either two sea shell charms with a pearl, two buttons that feature the same art photography as the envelope OR one of each!  One to keep and one to give!

Read the entire poem at the bottom of this description.


Sold Separately:

Add our small or large sterling silver oyster and pearl charm to make the pearl-fect gift!  
Each charm is studded with crystals on one side and opens to reveal a pearl on the inside.  

Stamped .925 sterling, as shown.  

ADD a sturdy, upgraded, 16" sterling silver box chain to complete the gift.


                           Pearly Might

Have you ever wondered
where pearls come from?
Or how a pearl is made? 

It really is quite complex 
and it starts out on day…


when an oyster, mussel or clam
encounters something not so nice.
It is irritated or threatened 
and uses its natural device…


to ward off the threat,
to remain intact,
to persist through the nuisance
and stay strong while being attacked.


The incredible result
may be hard to believe. 
The end result 
is a beautiful pearl, indeed.


Pearls are considered rare, 
very fine, and valuable.
This is simply because 
how they are formed is admirable.  


So, let’s take some pointers
from mussels, clams and oysters!


When we feel irritated or threatened
let’s be strong in who we are.
And if the outside, negative influence
should leave behind a scar…


realize the scar is beautiful, 
admirable and rare.
It is now a part of who you are
a reminder of your strength when things weren’t fair.


The scar is a like a pearl,
a beautiful reminder of just how much you can do.
It helps you see the value of the experience 
as you realize how much you grew.


When you are faced with things
that just don’t go right,
remember you can do it
with all your pearly might! 


Enclosed you will find
A pearly might charm and a button


Brighten someone’s day
Give the poem & the pearly might charm or button away or leave in a public place.

The remaining item is for you, as a reminder of all you can do!


Operation Good Deed Doer Outreach, a creative way to share kindness & make someone’s day!
Our kindness kits come in two styles with one purpose, KINDNESS!


KINDNESS KIT Designs come in fun colorful envelopes designed by Kindness Kidz. Kindness Kits include a small, meaningful gift to keep and one to give. Kindness Kits include original written works sure to brighten someone’s day and cost about the same or less than a store-bought greeting card.


SECRET SERVICE MISSION Designs include directives and a small gift to carry out a small service of kindness. Missions come in hand-stamped, manila envelopes marked, “Top Secret.” 
All Missions contain a small gift the child can keep to commemorate their act of kindness.


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