Pumpkin Kind Kit

Pumpkin Kind Kit

Our newly designed Pumpkin Kind Kit makes the perfect gift for fall!

The card contains original artwork and an original little story encouraging kindness and acceptance.  


For about the same price as a greeting card, send this meaningful Kindness Kit card to someone special. Each Kit comes in a cellophane bag with an item to keep and an item to give and directions.

This Kit contains two original design stickers or one sticker and one orignal design button.

Photos of buttons coming soon!


See our Pumpkin Kind Mini Kit!


Read the entire poem below.


Pumpkin Kind


Out in the patch

sitting all alone

was a little misshapen pumpkin.

That’s just the way he’d grown.


Another pumpkin said to him,

“You’re not very round.”

Another pumpkin added,

"There are better pumpkins to be found."  


Then, a little gourd chimed in,

“Ya’ll, that’s not very nice.

You don’t have to take it

but here is my advice...


none of us are perfect.

We are each unique.

If you have nothing kind to say,

it’s best not to speak.


It doesn’t matter how round you are.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re flat!

What matters most is how we treat

each other and that is that.”


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