Kindness for Canines Kindness Kit

Kindness for Canines Kindness Kit

All Kindness Kits and Secret Service Missions contain a small gift to keep to commemorate your kindness!  These cute puppy kits feature Drew's original character, Dally the Dog!  You can find Dilly and Dally in Drew's book called, The Legend of Curly Q Drew & The Message Mistake.  Kits also feature Mazie, the namesake of a wonderful nonprofit called Mazie's Mission.  Mazie's Mission rescues and cares for animals in need!  


Puppy plush sold separetely. 

Bow, wow, WOW!  Isn't this cute little puppy a-dog-able?!  Suitable for all ages and made from the finest quality of materials for lasting love, this cute pup is about 8” long.  


Read the entire poem below.


Kindness for Canines 


It has been said
for quite some time
that man’s best friend
is the dear canine.


We can learn a lot
from our canine friends.
They love you for you
and they love without end. 


They jump for joy
when they see you each day.
They love to snuggle
and they love to play.  


Dogs show their love
by simply wagging their tail.
Their love is unconditional
and they love without fail.


Show pups some love
by sharing your home,
or if you cannot, 
love can be shown…


by donating to shelters,
or volunteering your time,
and doing your part
to always be kind.


Go visit the shelter!
Pups love to walk and play!
Take a pic with your phone
and share it away!


You never know, 
that pic from your phone
might connect a dear doggy
with a new home!  


So, let’s take what we’ve learned
from man’s best friend.
Let’s jump for joy, snuggle and play 
and love without end!


Two charms

Brighten Someone's Day
Give the poem & one charm away.  

Or take the poem & the charm to the shelter as a surprise gift for the

next person who adopts a dog!  Hooray!

The remaining charm is for yours to keep furever!


KINDNESS KIT designs come either in an envelope featuring original art or a clear sleeve and contain a small, meaningful gift to keep and one to give. Kindness Kits include original written works sure to brighten someone’s day and cost about the same or less than a store-bought greeting card.


SECRET SERVICE MISSION Designs include directives and a small gift to carry out a small service of kindness. Missions come in hand-stamped, manila envelopes marked, “Top Secret.” All Missions contain a small gift the child can keep to commemorate their act of kindness.


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