Think Like an Elf Kindnes Kit

Think Like an Elf Kindnes Kit

For about the same price as a greeting card, send this meaningful Kindness Kit card to someone special. Each Kit comes in a cellophane bag with an item to keep, an item to give, originally written and designed to help spread a little kindness.


THINK LIKE AN ELF Kindness Kit encourages kids to always be their best sELF by being doers, givers and helpers just like elves!  Read the entire poem below.


Beautifully done elf artwork was created especially for Come Together with Kindness by artist Angelina Stevens.


Remember, #AlwaysThinkLikeAnElf



Be Your Best SELF!


Elves are doers, givers and helpers,

and you, yoursELF, can be these things, too!


Think like an elf!

It’s an easy thing to do!


Elves are doers!

They always get their work done.

You’ll find with the right attitude,

even work can be fun!


Elves are givers!

They don’t just give toys.

They give their time, effort,

and talents to help spread joy.


Elves are helpers,

always willing to lend a hand.

Be like an elf, jump in and help

anytime you can!


Always remember,

think like an elf

and be your best sELF!