World Changer Kindness Kit

World Changer Kindness Kit

One of our favorite Kindness Kits because we are ALL world changers!

Basic Kits come with two (2) #worldchanger buttons.

Option:  for an addional cost, add any of the following for more to share which = more fun!


(2) EARTH SEED SHAPES (Soak in water, tear into pieces & plant!)


Our heart world earth patch and Spinning Globe Necklace sold separetly.  

The globe actually spins! The necklace is approximately 9" long.


Read the poem below!


YOU are a World Changer!


Who? Me!?

Yes, YOU!

Yes!!! YOU,

that’s who!


The world needs your smile.

It needs your heart.

It needs everything about you

that sets you apart!

The world needs your ideas.

It needs your stance.

It needs your imagination

to advance!


The people in this world,

well, they need you, too.

There is an unlimited amount

of good you can do!


Follow your heart,

use your mind,

and share with the world

how you love to be kind!


Help us inspire others to spread kindness!

Share your experience on Instagram or Facebook!



Enclosed you will find the world, or two! 😉


Brighten Someone’s Day

Cut out the poem above.

Give someone the world with the poem.

The other world is for YOU as a reminder of all you can do!


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