What is Santa's Secret Service?

Santa's Secret Service what we call our holiday outreach efforts.  This includes a collection of holiday themed kindness kits for kids which is a division of Operation Good Deed Doer. 

We also have a Santa's Secret Service outreach and SSS can also be used for parties!








Santa's Secret Service Kits for Kids

Each year in November we release a set of four, new holiday themed kindness kits for Santa's Secret Service.  Operation Good Deed Doer all started during Christmas 2013 when we started random acts of kindness during the holidays.  SSS Missions were the very first Missions (kits) in our entire series!

See our Kindness Kit Catalog for a complete list of kits.


SERIES II features Mission 017 Stocking Filler, Mission 018 Don't Keep it to YoursELF, Mission 019 Time to Shine and Mission 020 Share Some gLOVEs.











SERIES I features Mission 001 Care Mail, Mission 002 Sharing Makes Cents, Mission 003 Warm Hands Warm Hearts and Mission 004 Let It Snow Kindness.



Kindness Kits make the perfect party favors!

Party favors with memories that last  a lifetime.  

See our friends, Chase and Alayna, carry out Mission 001 of Operation Good Deed Doer for Santa's Secret Service, Series I!  

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