School is out and so is the sun!  So what do you do to have some summer fun?  

We like to spread kindness using our Kindness Kits year round.  Some of our kits are perfect for SUMMER!  It always adds an extra element of fun when we do our kits when we're out of town, on vacation, or visiting the museum or park the next town over.  It's always a fun challenge to spread kindness wherever we go.

If you happen to go to the beach this summer,

or even the lake, you might want to make your own

Mission 014 BEach KIND!

Make your own beach bucket kit with this

 free download!

Be kind and help clean our beaches!

Don't have the time or the energy to make your own kits?  

Several of our kits are available in both styles in our online store and in our Etsy Shop!


These are some of our other favorite kits to do

during the summer!

Mission 011  Make Your Mark comes with two sticks of sidewalk  chalk so you

can, "make your mark,"by leaving art or kind  words to inspire others. 

This is a mission is uplifting and FUN!

Mission 012 Brighten Someone's Day is a very special kit made for very

special friends. (See more on our Custom Missions page.)  This kit

encourages kids to brighten someone's day with a special packet of sunflowers

seeds.  Not only will you plant a seed of kindness that can brighten someone's

day, causing never ending smiles for years to come,you'll also grow love

and kindness.



Mission 013 Share a Smile is a super fun kit that encourages kids

to smile at every person they meet to prove just how contagious

smiling can be!  We all have a never ending supply of smiles to give. 

Imagine the difference this could make if we ALL incorporated this

kit into each and every day.  

Mission 024 Stranded Starfish No More is a fun spin on one of our favorite stories, 

The Star Thrower by Loren C. Eiseley.  As the story goes, a boy sees thousands

of starfish strewn about the beach.  He begins to pick them up and toss them

back into the ocean.  A man approaches and tells the boy that there are so many,

there is no way he can make a difference.  The boy tosses another starfish in the

sea and replies, "I made a difference for that one."  During our own visit to the

beach for summer vacation we encountered a stranded starfish.  We enjoyed

getting such a close look and a beautiful picture before we tossed him back

in the ocean.  Our picture, of that very starfish, is featured on the postcard

that comes with this Mission.  This is a great kit to do while vacationing at

the beach or anytime.


Mission 026 Pearly Might is another kit that is perfect for a beach vacation!  Drew and I really enjoyed reading and discussing how a pearl is made before designing this kit.  We always thought it was a from a piece of sand.  After some research we found that pearls rarely develop from a piece of sand.  Instead, usually, a mussel, clam or oyster is attacked by a foreign substance or bacteria.  To fight off the threat they isolate the nuisance by trapping it in nacre.  They continue to encase the irritant in nacre layer by layer so it cannot harm them.  This eventually forms a pearl.  I discussed with Drew how a person can do very much the same thing and take a negative experience and turn it into to something positive and beautiful. 

"When we feel irritated or threatened

let’s be strong in who we are.
And if the outside, negative influence

should leave behind a scar…


realize the scar is beautiful,

admirable and rare.

It is now a part of who you are

a reminder of your strength when things weren’t fair.


The scar is a like a pearl,

a beautiful reminder of just how much you can do.

It helps you see the value of the experience

as you realize how much you grew.


When you are faced with things

that just don’t go right,

remember you can do it

with all your pearly might!"


We love adventure so we're big fans of Geocaching.  If you've

never heard of a geocache then we're super excited to share this

with you!  Geocaching is basically like hunting for treasure.  Fellow

Geocachers hide a Geocache, post the coordinates and clues and

then you get to go find it!  Drew loves the large Geocache that have

SWAG (stuff we all get).  He loves rummaging through the trinkets in

the boxes and then making a trade.  Geocaching is a super fun

thing to do when you're in another town or on vacation.  You will also find places in your own town that you didn't even know existed!  It's a great way to explore.  We have a geocache bag in the car complete with  pens, trinkets to trade, a mini flashlight and tweezers.  You never know when there might be a geocache nearby!  We like to leave a little extra kindness in the geocache we find.  It's really a great way to spend time together, explore and have fun!  You can get the starter app for free on your phone.  If you would like to see every hidden cache, everywhere you go, you'll need to upgrade your membership.  We find that it's worth every penny!  To see Geocache in your area or learn more click HERE!

Starfish pic.jpg


For more ideas, see the complete catalog of our kits HERE!