Great Missions for Summer!

Mission 011  Make Your Mark is one of our favorite missions!  Mission 011 comes with two sticks of sidewalk chalk so you can, "make your mark," by leaving art or kind words to inspire others.  This is a mission is uplifting and FUN!



Mission 012 Brighten Someone's Day is a very special Mission made for very special friends.  (See more on our Custom Missions page.)  This Mission encourages kids to brighten someone's day with a special packet of sunflowers seeds.  Not only will you plant a seed of kindness that can brighten someone's day, causing never ending smiles for years to come, you'll also grow love and kindness.


Mission 013 Share a Smile is a super fun Mission that encourages kids to smile at every person they meet to prove just how contagious smiling can be!  We all have a never ending supply of smiles to give.  Imagine the difference this could make if we ALL incorporated this Mission into each and every day.  


Mission 014 Beach Kind was a special, limited quantity Mission that Drew carried out while visiting the beach this summer.  Sand pails full of goodies fun to use at the beach were randomly given away.  The pails contained two of every item, one to keep and one to give, encouraging the recipient to carry out his/her own random acts of kindness.  The pails also contained trash bags and encouraged the recipient to help keep the beaches clean for sea turtles who nest on the beaches.  Download a copy of the Mission and directions on how to make your own for FREE HERE!  

Mission 015 Kindness is in the Bag is a fun way to encourage kids to spread kindness at school or in a group setting.  A laminated Act of Kindness Checklist along with several other items kids can use to perform their own acts of kindness are are provided in a pencil bag.  The pencil bag also includes items the kids can use in school such as pencils, pens, erasers and a dry erase maker.  Once kids complete the Act of Kindness Checklist they can erase the laminated card, sign the back in permanent ink and pass it on to other kids to encourage kindness!  Click HERE to participate in our Kindness is the Bag outreach

Just want a Bag?  Bags are coming to our Shop this fall!












Mission 024 Stranded Starfish No More is a fun spin on one of our favorite stories, The Star Thrower by

Loren C. Eiseley.  As the story goes, a boy sees thousands of starfish strewn about the beach.  He begins to pick them up and toss them back into the ocean.  A man approaches and tells the boy that there are so many there is no way he can make a difference.  The boy tosses another starfish in the sea and replies, "I made a difference for that one."  During our own visit to the beach for summer vacation we encountered a stranded starfish.  We enjoyed getting such a close look and a beautiful picture before we tossed him back in the water.  When you are in a position to help and make a difference, do it!  And remember, everyone has had a stranded starfish kind of day at one time or another so always be kind!













Mission 026 Pearly Might Have you ever wondered where pearls come from or exactly how a pearl is made?  We always thought it was a from a piece of sand.  After some research we found that pearls rarely develop from a piece of sand.  Instead, usually, a mussel, clam or oyster is attacked by a foreign substance or bacteria.  To fight off the threat they isolate the nuisance by trapping it in nacre.  They continue to encase the irritant in nacre layer by layer so it cannot harm them.  This eventually forms a pearl.  This is a wonderful analogy of how a person can take a negative experience and turn it into to something positive and beautiful.  Remember, you can do it! 

Just use your pearly might!  



Mission 027 The Coolest Kind  It is cool to be kind!  Everyone is cool in their own unique way.  Since shades are synonymous with cool it seemed like sunglasses were the perfect fit for these Missions!  The coolest kind of shades are the shades you give away to make someone's day!  Wear your shades or your sunglasses charm proudly as a reminder that it’s cool to be kind.  The coolest kind of kid is a kind kid!




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Mission 012 Brighten Someone's Day!
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