Our Favorite Kits to Do Around Valentine's Day!

These kindness kits work great around Valentine's Day!  The great thing about our kits? 

They can be tailored to fit any holiday and most are perfect to give any day!  


Mission 005 Traveling Kindness Rose  Because roses and Valentine's Day

go hand in hand you can't go wrong with these Missions in February! 

The Traveling Kindness Rose comes with a laminated poem directing the

recipient to sign the card and log the rose on social media before giving it to

someone else.  Currently 125 roses are traveling around the

US, Canada and Hong Kong!

Mission 006 Magic Message is another fun kit that works great, not only for Valentine's Day, but also any day for any occasion!  Magic Messages are just that- magic!  The kids receive the tools to create a Magic Message then give it away as an act of kindness to surprise someone and make them smile.  This kit comes with our custom designed, "Kindness is Magical" button for you to keep!




Mission 007 Open Your Heart

Mission 007 has two variations.  The Open Your Heart version is PERFECT for Valentine's Day!  The kit contains half a dozen plastic hearts filled with Mini Missions.  Give the hearts or remove the Mini Missions and share them any way you like.  No matter how you do it you'll make someone's day!  The best gift you can open is your heart.





Mission 016 Come Together with Care Mail

Mission 016 Come Together with Care Mail is the perfect kindness centered activity turned party favor for a class or group!  Kids share kind words with one another to create Care Mail.  Perfect for Christmas or Valentine’s Day! We actually did this for Christmas! See #5 here! 

Drew absolutely LOVES to read these each year when we get out our

Christmas decorations.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!  

Mission 022 Noted was inspired by one of our Kindness Kidz, Vice President and Courage to Be Kind Medallion recipient, Mitchell Savitsky.  Mitchell used the hashtag #BetterBecauseOfYou and we knew it needed it's own campaign (read more below). 

When we take the time

to make kindness quoted,

we’ve made a difference

because kindness was noted.


After your Mission is complete

the world will be #betterbecauseofyou

It really is simple to share compliments

and kindness in all that you do.




#BetterBecauseOfYou is a campaign that we kicked off in February 2017 that goes 24/7/365!  This hashtag was inspired by our Vice President,  Mitchell Savitsky  Mitchell was the very first recipient of our Courage to Be Kind medallion.  Mitchell tagged Come Together with this hashtag and it inspired us so much we decided to start a campaign with it!

We encourage you to post a photo or memory of those who make you and the world better just by being who they are.  These posts are a perfect way to thank your best friend, mother, teacher or anyone who makes you better!  When you post don't forget to #BetterBecauseOfYou and tag us @cometogetherwithkindness  We can't wait to be inspired!

Mission 047 Hedge Hugs & Kisses  features a cute little hedgehog

that encourages you not to judge a book by it's cover.  Often times

we make assumptions about people based on their appearances.

The little hedgey in this kit encourages you to think

"Hedgehugs & Kisses" before judging based on appearances.  

The Traveling Kindness Rose
Mission 006 Magic Message
Kindness is Magical!
It's so much fun to open your heart!
Includes a pen and mini note cards!

We love to make hearts happy!